Lagistic, LLC is an authorized Freight Broker Company, who offers customized and managed programs to individuals or companies, who are in need of shipping services and an authorized motor carrier..

We play an important role in the movement of cargo, from point A to point B. We the Freight Broker serves as a liaison between the shippers and the carriers. Lagistic team up with a network of experience Freight Brokers, Shippers and Carriers local, regional and nationwide, we provide professional on time Broker Services.

Our management services begins from the moment the order is place until the delivery is completed, however our relationship with our customers continues belong that process. Lagistic, LLC services covers all 50 states in the USA, this all take place from our headquarters in Woodstock, Maryland.


  • Full load freight Broker
  • LTL loads (Less than truckload)
  • Single loads
  • Consolidated loads
  • Ground Cargo